Friday, January 6, 2012

I love the Seventies!

Those who live in my immediate world are well aware that I love the 1970's. I resonate with the fashion and the influence behind its expression, idealize the simplicity sans technology in daily life, and much of the overall culture strikes me as... well just FUN.

Of course, those days were also laced with grief born of chaos: A terrible war that bled into the early years bringing an unspeakable aftermath, deadly anti-war protests, presdential blunders, echoing sadness from the assasination of MLK just a couple of years earlier...

Yet in the midst of strife was civil rights advancement, Women's 'Liberation', increased concern for the Earth, positive psychological trends (I'm OK, You're OK), and a generalized seeking of spiritual meaning in every day life which was expressed through literature, art, performance, and fashion.

In some ways, I feel that the 7th decade was a bridge from the Fifties to a new way of thinking- a breaking open of sorts- as the radical views of the hippies in the 1960's became quite maintream in the 1970's (which in turn were well represented in fashion trends).

My take away from the Seventies is: free-spiritness, wanderlust, spiritual undertones in daily life, an 'earthiness' that is more felt than expressed, appreciation & caring for our planet, a perspective of reasoning as to why people do whatever it is that they do, simpified technological lifestyle...

This has been reflected in my wardrobe over the years (with an exception of the New Wave phase of the early Eighties which, to be quite honest, was my replacement for Disco as I was finally at an age to embrace the party!) with core pieces including: High waisted bell bottom jeans (light wash!), wood sandals (Bear Traps, Candies), Aztec sweaters, suede fringe, Cherokees and Famolare Hi There's.

I intermittently add a splash of fun & color, inspired by current trends yet always with a hint of seventies, which I lovingly refer to as 'My Disco'.

What decade inspires you?

Photos clockwise:
1. 1974 Halter tops & flares
2. 1994 suede fringe
3. 2007 Aztec sweater from my own collection (sold)
4. 2010 At an eighties reunion party~ vintage gold jewelry & 70's wrap skirt)
5. 2010 A random day with my brother~ 70's leather jacket with Target High Rise Super Flares


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