Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Skoochies Resurrection

A couple of weeks ago I attended the reunion party of a popular 1980's Seattle dance club, Skoochies. I practically lived there from '83 - until it closed in 1986. Fun times! And just as fun was reuniting with sooo many old friends, and reconnecting with a few whom I should have never lost touch with!

My hotel roomy & I had a prefunk in our room with a huge turnout. It became so big that it spilled out into the hallway and I was actually afraid we'd get kicked out (just like in the '80's, haha).

A big part of Skoochies was, of course, the fashion. It was *the* reason to thrift each week to create the weekend's outfit.

At the Resurrection, I wanted to be comfortable so I could dance for hours & hours, which I did. I paired Superflare jeans from Target with a super cute tweed vest from Decades on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/view_transaction.php?transaction_id=19611323 and an assortment of vintage jewelry that I've worn since (and was already vintage in) the 1980's. (I ditched my cherished 70's Candies mules early on in the evening for some more dance appropriate wedges.)
Our Skoochie's Resurrection night raised $6,200 for YouthCare!!!

Above are a few pics from the Resurrection, plus some oldies from Skoochies & related parties, circa 1984~
All 80's clothes compliments of the thrift (I wish I still had that black 1940's hat!).