Friday, September 2, 2011

Gunne Sax = True Love Always

The Gunne Sax is my greatest fashion-love in life, & she has haunted me since 1979~ feminine, artistic, ethereal, curvy, and most of all, enchanting.
In Junior High, I begged my mom for one...but, "No... it is not in the budget." Several months later, she whipped up a replica on her vintage Singer... I was grateful.
Springtime of 1981 and the thrift brought to me a navy blue & lace, beauty. Can you imagine- the real thing was finally mine. I wore and loved and wore (and loved !) that corset dress.
When the Sax left the runways, I sadly gave way, though secretly relished a reunion on Halloween, 1985, as Glenda Good Witch~ in the loveliest McClintock.
By the time I was thirty, I was wearing whatever I wanted (as in: these then out of fashion dresses) and, luckily for me, Gunnies were still 2nd hand abundant.

Some didn't get it, I didn't care.

These days Vintage is Modern, and I am more accepted in my lace up beauties.
None of it matters as long as I can be decorated with calico & lace & curves &..oh yes, the corset laces. xo

What vintage beauty haunts You?

1980 Junior High replica (thx Mom!)
1981 Summer prior to high school (thrift)
1985 Halloween (one night stand)
2009 E bay purchase (I have since raised the hemline)
2010 Freestyle Vintage Co (sold)
2011 Last week on my back deck (summertime wine & hor d' oeuvres)